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Expert Paving in Dorking

Runc Groundworks is a paving company located in Horley. As groundwork contractors, our knowledge and experience are used to help Dorking customers understand the many different industry terms that might be hindering their decisions on a new project. On this page, we’ve listed a guide to help you through the jargon minefield.


Manufactured Paving

Manufactured paving, sometimes referred to as flagstones, is made from concrete and moulded to an exact specification. There’s a big advantage to using manufactured paving on projects in Dorking because you can choose a smoother finish and all the slabs are the same size for easy laying. Colour and texture choices offer more variety than natural stone.


As groundwork contractors covering the whole of the Dorking area, we recommend this type of paving if you’ve a limited budget to work with.


Natural Paving

Natural paving is made from natural stone, as you've probably guessed! It offers a beautiful texture that’s not quite as smooth as manufactured paving slabs. This type of paving works well in Dorking gardens that have a more natural and carefree theme rather than the type of chiselled landscape that benefits from the harder edge manufactured paving provides.


Riven Paving

Riven paving is equally popular with our groundwork contractors and our Dorking customers. This paving has a textured, rustic look and slabs come in various thickness. This requires delicate alignment of the paving during installation based on what a patio, driveway or walkways is going to be used for.


You can also buy manufactured riven paving which gives off the effect of textured stone.


Rumbled Paving

Rumbled paving is similar to cobbles. It is usually manufactured into small rectangular or square stones which are laid close to, but not against each other. This paving isoften recommended to Dorking customers by our groundwork contractors when work is about to begin at larger rural properties where a rustic effect is required.


An attractive mottled finish and a weathered appearance can provide Dorking properties with a period charm that’s hard to find with most other paving materials.


Calibrated Paving

Calibrated paving is more expensive than most other paving types but it is easier and quicker to lay for our groundwork contractors than many other alternatives. All slabs are of a uniform thickness, hence the calibrated tag, and the initial cost of an installation in Dorking can be balanced a little by paying less for a faster installation.


Edging and Kerbing

Edging is used more for patios than any other application. Our groundwork contractors will offer the Dorking homeowner many different edging styles to suit the outdoor space being worked on. Kerbing is generally used to finish block paving installations and is particularly suitable for giving new block-paved driveways a fantastic finish.


Our groundwork contractors offer a range of kerbing colours to matchthe installation.

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