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High Quality Driveways in Croydon & Tunbridge Wells

One area in which we specialise is building attractive, functional driveways out of high quality materials. On this page, we’ve provided some more information on a few of the different materials that prove popular amongst our Croydon and Tunbridge Wells clients.


If you’d like to discuss your situation and find out how our friendly, experienced team of groundwork contractors can help deliver your dream driveway – pick up the phone and call 07944 890 635. After a brief consultation, we’ll be able to issue you a free, no obligation quote.

Stunning New Driveways in a Range of Materials…

Block Paving – One of the most popular materials for modern driveways around Croydon and Tunbridge Wells is block paving. It’s highly versatile and you can create a really unique design by combining different blocks in different colours. But block paving driveways aren’t just attractive, they’re also functional – being both durable and low maintenance. What’s more, if an individual block is ever damaged, it can be replaced with a matching block. This is a much simpler, cheaper form of repair than digging up / reinstalling an entire section of driveway.


Tarmac – Simple yet effective, tarmac is an extremely cost efficient material and great for laying large driveways on a budget. Tarmac driveways are low maintenance and can withstand a lot of punishment. They look clean and professional, and are a great choice for both homeowners and commercial clients around Croydon and Tunbridge Wells who need driveways that are going to be constantly in use.


Gravel – To create a warm and inviting, rustic feel at the front of your Croydon or Tunbridge Wells property, why not consider the benefits of gravel driveways? Different types, colours and sizes of stone can be used to create a unique and eye-catching gravel. These driveways deal well with rainfall, are cheap and easy to install, and are great for security conscious homeowners who will be able to hear any visitors/intruders approaching their property.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Another increasingly popular option for Croydon and Tunbridge Wells driveways is pattern imprinted concrete. These driveways are extremely durable, can cope with heavy weights, require little maintenance and are affordable to boot. They can be installed in a range of designs, ranging from a neat and tidy uniform block pattern, to something much more wild and unpredictable.


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For more information about the driveways we build in Croydon, Tunbridge Wells and all surrounding areas, call the RUNC Groundworks team on 07944 890 635.

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